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We are offering Domain Name Registration for the bargain price of US$ 15.95 per year, or US$ 29.95 for two years. In addition to being a good deal, registering your domains from us helps to support privately funded, commercial (for profit) space exploration and development: A portion of the revenues from our domain registration business is used to support the space business operations of The L5 Development Group.

In order to register a domain, you first have to check if it's available. Use this form to check the name you wish to register:


If you have already registered an existing domain and wish to transfer it to our service , we will automatically extend your domain registration by one year from its current expiration: You can think of it as getting one year for free with a US$ 15.95 transfer fee, or getting the transfer free when you renew your domain name registration with us for one year for US$ 15.95 - it works out the same both ways.

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Are you having trouble coming up with an available domain name? Try the Word Wizard or Domain Twist generators for some ideas.

Attention International Customers

As of November 10, 2001 you are no longer limited to English-language character domains when creating your Web identity. Now anyone can create domain names (Web addresses) in Korean, Japanese, traditional and simplified Chinese characters.

Multilingual domain name registration is available to you as part of FKE Internet's participation in a testbed being conducted by the Global Registry. The testbed permits certified registrars (approximately 20 companies worldwide) to submit multilingual domain names to the Registry in a manner similar to the current system of registering English-language domain names.

When functional, the name you create will work just like any English-character name in that you can enter it into your browser and be taken to the corresponding Web site. The native language domain name will be followed by .com, .net or .org (for example: )

Initially, your name will be reserved (parked) until sometime in the future when the Global Registry is able to match your new name with the Web site's location, also known as name resolution.

Click here for Multilingual Registrations.

FKE Internet is affiliated with a company certified to register domain names in all supported languages.

NOTE: At this time, the central registry is supporting the registration of multilingual character domain names in an experimental test bed. Multilingual character domain names are not yet and may not be functional on the Internet and cannot be used for Web hosting, email services or any other DNS related activity. By registering multilingual character domain names at this time you understand and assume the risk that your domain name registration may be temporarily or permanently suspended or denied based on further developments by Internet standard-setting bodies.

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